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Delirium's 420 world
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About Me

this is the page where i tell u abunch of shit u don't care about! isn't it exciting?

well heres the basics. I'm five foot eight inches. i have blue eyes, and long brown hair. I'm pretty skinny, but not supper skinny. (fuck looking like paris hilton) I'd say i'm pretty avarage looking,and i am s.i.n.g.l.e. ( Stay Intoxicated Nightly Get Laid Everyday! lmao)

 As for what i like to do for fun, i love to read, and i love to draw. One day i hope to write and draw my own comic book. I also smoke up, i don't drink though. I am addicted so Marlboro number 27's (fuck menthol!)
 I love to play pool, but hardly ever do. I used to have a damn good game though. I don't like Tv much, but i love to watch movies ( i know i'm werid lol)
 i'll expand and improve this later lmao

take a hit!!

Need to get high?

 SMOKE POT! god put it on this earth to be smoked... call your local dealer for more information

my fav shit

my favorite books and authors:
  • anne rice
  • neil gaiman
  • all harry potter books

my favorite music

  • Frank Sinatra
  •  sublime
  • korn
  • eminem

smoke up every day! its good for u!