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well here i'm going to show some of my fav artwork that i did... and my tattoo lol which i designed my self


Fairy in hand

 well i did this in charcoal, only pic i ever did in charcoal. I might accually get this as a tattoo (minus the hand) on my lower back, but i dunno


toxic smoke

i did this all in pen. its pretty old, i did it when i was like 15. but i really like it!!! ;p



i did this all in pen too... i did it when i was in a rather bad mood, and i felt taped in a life a didn't want.

Floating fairy
i did this one in pen. i love it because i didn't have to look at tutorails at all.


my tattoo

this is my tattoo. i designed it my self. it was done with a home made gun. hurt like a bitch, the circle is right on the bone! lmao.

smoke up every day! its good for u!